Well, the Presidential Campaign is depressing. You can’t trust anything that is being said by anyone. I am concerned by this Republican (at least in Ohio) initiative to put some limits on voting times and places. If we are going to have “early voting” then lets have it and not diddle with limiting times and places. Personally, I am NOT in favor of early voting. I am in favor of absentee voting for those traveling or in the service. I think it is a citizens duty to go the their appointed polling place and vote. If you have to stand in line for a bit that’s part of the deal. We are making it too easy to discharge your civic duty when we don’t have to. This crap about missing work is just that. Voting is so important that it should be a responsibility of business owners to allow their employees reasonable time to vote. For example, in my case it should take no more than an hour. People vote in their communities, so the polling places are relatively close to home. Stop on the way to work, on the way home, or during your lunch break.

Companies that don’t want to do this should be placed on a list and the names published in the paper and put online. The name of the supervisor or manager that doesn’t allow employees to vote should also be publicized. These people are not patriots!

I have noticed a scary phenomenon. There is a big push, especially by the Democrat Party, for people to take advantage of early voting, like as soon as possible. At the same time the media is publicizing a lot of polling data that says President Obama is way ahead of Romney, and gaining every day. This is before the debates even start.

You already know my feeling about early voting, and it is a given that the national and local media is decidedly for President Obama and against Romney. It seems to me that the poll results, whether or not they are valid, are being used to convince everybody that Obama is going to win. People are being urged to vote early and being told that Obama’s lead is so great that he is going to win. The implication for undecided voters is that a vote for Romney would be wasted, you might as well vote for Obama.
I realize this will be dismissed by some as a conspiracy theory gone wild, and that I am getting very paranoid about the election. But my friends have already heard my story about the sign in my office for my last job in the Army…”I know I am paranoid, the question is, am I paranoid enough?” I was the Chief of Intel and it was my job to find out things people didn’t want to know about, and get the information to people who didn’t want to listen to bad news.

I am nervous about the election. We are on the road to lose too many freedoms if President Obama and the Democrats are reelected. Look at Nancy Pelosi, she know that she knows better than me what I should be allowed to do, and it is my duty to listen to her and obey! (Let’s pass this thing so we can learn what’s in it”) Probably not going to happen.

I urge everyone to quite listening to just CNN (or just FOX) and collect his or her own information. Make your own decision, quite being sheep.

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